Project Spot – Getting the book into young hands and minds

When I took the leap of faith to publish the book I also decided to do things differently in promoting and marketing it.
The first thing I knew I wanted to do was to use children to review the book for the back cover rather than rely on adult reviewers from the posh papers.
I also wanted to make sure the sale of the book helped a children’s literacy charity and it is, literally.
£1 from every sale is donated to The Children’s Literacy Charity and supports the great work they do.
But perhaps the big difference in is the way we’ve marketed the first print run of the books.
I’ve called it Project Spot and its goal is to get a copy of Spot the Different in every nursery and school in the UK by 2021.
And the key part of Project Spot is encouraging local and national businesses to get involved and buy bundles of the book to donate to nurseries and schools.
Initially I approached businesses I’ve worked with and I was delighted with their positive response.
I will be eternally grateful for the support of many of my clients which meant the first print run sold out in just four weeks.
Project Spot creates a win win scenario for all involved.
The businesses get brilliant PR, social media exposure and a chance to build relationships with their local communities.
The schools and nurseries get free books.
The Children’s Literacy Charity benefits from £1 for each book sold.
And most important of all more children get to read a book with a hugely important, positive and timely message.
If you are a business looking to get involved with Project Spot please feel free to get in touch.
Thanks for reading and keep moving in the positive.