Project Spot

Project Spot offers businesses a brilliant opportunity to raise their local profile, generate great PR coverage, engage potential customers on social media AND help local schools and nurseries at the same time.


Project Spot gives businesses the chance to buy bundles of books to donate to local schools and nurseries. It’s our goal to get a copy of Spot the Different in every nursery and primary school by January 2021.

It’s a win win for everyone involved. The businesses get brilliant PR and a chance to build relationships with their local communities, the schools and nurseries get free books, the children get to read a book with a hugely important and positive message AND The Children’s Literacy Charity benefits from £1 for each book sold.

Here’s what businesses are saying about Project Spot

“It’s opened so many doors for us in terms of the PR it generated. And it felt great donating to schools and spreading the book’s positive message.”

Newberry Tully Estate Agents

“In terms of the social media reaction we received when we donated the books it’s been the best thing we’ve ever done.”

My Local News Magazines

“The reaction to our donation of the books has been incredible. It’s important for local businesses to support the communities they serve, and this is a brilliant way to do it – everyone’s a winner.”

Knightsbridge Estate Agents and Valuers

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