Why we’re supporting The Children’s Literacy Charity

Aside from JK Rowling, Julia Donaldson and a handful of elite and super successful children’s authors, writing a kids’ book isn’t going to set you up on Easy Street as a river of money flows your way.

Thankfully I published Spot the Different without any grand monetary goals. For sure I wanted to recoup my costs, and thankfully I have done.

But I also wanted to create something which helped children and gave back in some way to a related charity from each book people bought.

After a little research I decided to approach two reading charities including The Children’s Literacy Charity (TCLC) to see what they thought about my idea to donate money from the sale of each book to them.

To be honest the first charity I approached didn’t exactly seem bothered that I was offering to fund raise on their behalf.

But on the flipside of that TCLC were enthusiastic and it felt like they were genuinely excited and liked the book and its messages.

I did a little more research into them and what they do and was impressed with their approach and ethos.

They provide one to one reading literacy support for disadvantaged children who are at risk of falling behind.

The sessions are delivered during Literacy Labs by expert tutors in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

The work they do is genuinely life changing because statistics show once a child falls behind with their literacy skills it’s often very difficult for them to catch up.
The knock-on effect of this can echo throughout a person’s life effecting their opportunities, confidence and prospects.

TCLC’s website features a brilliant video from Michael Momoh the first child the charity (then called Springboard) supported with extra literacy help back in 1992.
It’s inspiring and emotional stuff and highlights the importance of what the charity does, and the benefits its volunteers’ work brings to young people’s lives.

Michael is now a graduate, a mentor to teenagers and is currently studying for an MBA. He credits the support he received as a child in helping to lay foundations he built on successfully.

And there are many more stories like Michael’s inspiring one and that’s why I am so pleased to be supporting TCLC to help get its Literacy Labs and expert tutors out there and available to more children who need the extra support they offer.

To find out more visit: www.thechildrensliteracycharity.org.uk